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The Benefits of Merino Wool

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The Benefits of Merino Wool

Hiking and outdoor recreation has been getting more and more popular in the United States in recent years. Over the last decade, there have been an additional 12 million Americans who have gone hiking. With this surge, it’s important for people to understand the importance of good hiking gear, all the way down to the socks. We’re going to explain to you the benefits of merino wool socks.

In cold, wet weather, standard cotton socks get damp, leaving you with that horrible wet sock feeling. When you’re on a hike, the most important thing to protect are your feet. If you’re wearing cotton socks and it starts to rain, you may as well not be wearing any socks at all.

The solution is to invest in quality wool socks, especially soft merino wool socks, which offers several advantages over cotton.

  1. Unlike cotton, wool is the great insulator. It will keep your feet warm during those cold winter months

  2. Merino Wool is Anti-Microbial and Anti-Bacterialby nature, meaning Merino Wool socks are odor-resistant

  3. Because of Merino Wool’s odor-resistance, you can wear your wool socks several times without having to wash them, making them perfect for packing on backpacking trips

  4. Because of Merino Wool’s insulating properties, your foot will stay dry even while the wool is wet

  5. And because of that, your merino wool socks will dry out much faster than cotton and other synthetic fabrics

  6. Merino Wool is also naturally absorbent, meaning it will wick away moisture, which is perfect for preventing sweaty feet and preventing blisters


So before going on your next backpacking trip, or if you’re just looking to invest in some really good socks, make sure you do your research on Merino Wool. At From The Ground Up, we specialize in the highest quality merino wool socks all made in the USA.

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