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Yes. It's a globalized world, and our payment systems are capable of accepting credit cards from most locations outside the United States. 

Orders can be shipped to most countries. Questions regarding shipping to your country? Please email with the subject line "Shipping". 

*Note: Should an order be placed with a delivery location outside the United States, please note that the order contents are subject to an international customs clearance in that country.  On occasion, the receiving country may require additional charges from the recipient to clear the contents from customs.  From the Ground Up™ is not responsible for any additional charges that may be incurred.

All products are shipped via USPS domestically.

The standard shipping rate is First Class Mail (time of delivery subject to change depending on factors such as location, date of order (we take the weekends off), Federal Holidays, and Mr. Postman).  

Any changes with international shipping, such as carrier changes, are determined at the discretion of USPS.

Shipping charges are a flat-rate, based on the weight of the items in your order and the country you wish to ship the items to. 

No, we take our weekends and holidays off (and we hope you do too!).

Our shipping department operates Monday through Friday, excluding US holidays. Except where otherwise specified, shipping and delivery services are not available on weekends or US holidays.


In most cases items that are in stock will ship within two business days and should arrive 3-5 business days after shipping. 

Bummer... We really hope that doesn't happen. If it does, we first ask that you check around your property, your local post office, your mailbox, and with your neighbors to make sure the order wasn't delivered properly. 

Absolutely certain that the item wasn't delivered? Did you get a damaged sock? Contact us at

Email us with your order number and a picture of the socks in their original packaging at

We'll send you the right pair, and even let you keep the ones we sent!


We'd like to tell you to "make us an offer we can't refuse" a la "Godfather", but we're open to starting it with an email conversation. Deals can happen later.

Drop us a line at with the subject line "New Business." Looking forward to speaking with you!

We hope they think we're great, because we love them. But unless otherwise stated, it's safe to assume that any brands (besides FTGU original products) featured on our lovely models are not affliated with or endorse From The Ground Up.

You know what they say about curiosity... Good thing we love it. Send us some mail via our Contact Us page. We'll do our best to get back to you as efficiently as possible.