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The Enchantments: A Hiker's Dream in Washington's Alpine Paradise

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The Enchantments, nestled in Washington's Cascade Range, are often described as a hiker's dream and a pristine alpine paradise. This area features some of the most stunning landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, including clear lakes, jagged peaks, and lush meadows. If you're planning to explore the Enchantments, here's what you need to know.


The Enchantments are incredibly popular, and permits are required for day hiking, camping, and overnight stays. These permits help protect the fragile ecosystem of the area and maintain its pristine condition. Permits are issued through a lottery system, and competition is high. Plan well in advance and be ready to apply when the lottery opens.

Trail Options:

There are two main trailheads to access the Enchantments: Stuart Lake and Snow Lakes. Each offers a different perspective of this stunning area. The Snow Lakes trail is shorter and steeper, while the Stuart Lake trail is longer but offers a more gradual ascent.


Camping is allowed within the Enchantments, but only in designated zones. These zones are typically small and scattered throughout the area. Be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles and respect the specific rules of the zone you're camping in.


The A-Frame, located at the heart of the Enchantments, is a well-known resting spot and campsite. It provides a cozy shelter and is often a hub for hikers in the area.

Leprechaun Lake and Lake Viviane:

These pristine lakes in the Enchantments are must-see destinations. They offer excellent camping opportunities and are surrounded by towering peaks.

Snow Lakes:

The Snow Lakes area is another stunning location for hikers in the Enchantments. Hiking to this area provides a unique perspective of the range and its beauty.

Wildlife and Flora:

The Enchantments are home to various wildlife, including marmots, mountain goats, and chipmunks. Keep a respectful distance from these creatures and avoid feeding them. The area also features vibrant wildflowers during the summer months.


Weather conditions in the Enchantments can change quickly, even during the summer. Be prepared for varying temperatures and the possibility of rain, even on a sunny day. Dress in layers and carry a waterproof jacket.

Bear Safety:

In the Enchantments, bear canisters are required for food storage to protect both bears and hikers. Familiarize yourself with bear safety practices, including how to use bear canisters.

Leave No Trace:

The fragile alpine environment of the Enchantments is highly susceptible to human impact. Follow Leave No Trace principles diligently to help preserve the pristine condition of this area.

Respect Other Hikers:

The Enchantments are a popular hiking destination. Respect fellow hikers by keeping noise levels to a minimum and following trail etiquette, especially when it comes to right-of-way on the trail.

Exploring the Enchantments is a memorable experience for hikers, offering the chance to witness some of Washington's most breathtaking alpine landscapes. By planning well in advance, respecting the environment, and following safety guidelines, you can enjoy a memorable hiking adventure in this pristine alpine paradise.


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