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Tested For Over 2,000 Miles

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Tested For Over 2,000 Miles


About 6 months ago we received a message about a girl chasing her dream of conquering the Appalachian Trail - a 2,200 mile hiking trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine.

Julia Sheehan, a former military veteran and nurse had quit her job, sold her house and set off to try something she’d never done before.

She reached out to us about receiving some socks to take on her journey. Of course we had to be part of this. We sent her a few of our Cascade socks and began following her as she broke trail on what would be a life altering experience.

Over the next 6 months we watched in awe as she crushed through the trail with nothing but a smile on her face and a genuine love for the outdoors.

Julia officially completed the Appalachian Trail earlier this month and we could not be more proud of her amazing accomplishment!

But the journey doesn’t stop here. Julia has goals and dreams of conquering the Colorado Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. We cannot wait to see what more she’ll accomplish.

Thank you, Julia for supporting our brand and really putting our socks to the test. We are so excited for all your next adventures. You have embodied what it means to be part of the FTGU Fam

If you want to follow her on Instagram and YouTube and see her whole journey, go to the link below: