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Late Fall Hiking with Kids in Washington: Tips and Family-Friendly Trails

  • 2 min read

Late fall is a great time to introduce your children to the wonders of hiking in Washington. With the right preparation and family-friendly trails, you can create memorable outdoor experiences. In this article, we'll provide tips for late fall hiking with kids and suggest some family-friendly trails.

1. Dress for Success:

Dress your kids in layers to keep them comfortable in changing late fall temperatures. Ensure they wear waterproof boots with good traction to handle potentially wet and muddy trails.

2. Plan Shorter Hikes:

Late fall days are shorter, so plan shorter hikes suitable for kids. Opt for trails with less elevation gain and mileage, and start your hikes early to make the most of daylight. Find great trails at Washington Trails Association and All Trails.

3. Bring Snacks and Water:

Pack a variety of kid-friendly snacks and plenty of water to keep your little hikers energized and hydrated. Consider bringing a thermos with hot cocoa or tea for a warm treat on the trail.

4. Wildlife Watching:

Late fall hiking can offer opportunities for wildlife encounters. Teach your kids to observe animals from a respectful distance and share the excitement of spotting wildlife along the trail.

5. Leave No Trace:

Instill a sense of responsibility for the environment in your kids by teaching them about Leave No Trace principles. Encourage them to pick up litter and respect nature.

6. Trail Games:

Make the hike fun by playing trail games with your kids. "I Spy," scavenger hunts, or nature bingo can keep them engaged and entertained during the hike.

7. Educational Opportunities:

Late fall hikes offer opportunities for learning. Teach your kids about the changing seasons, the science of fall foliage, and how animals prepare for winter.

8. Bring Safety Gear:

Carry safety essentials, including a first aid kit, navigation tools, and a headlamp. Teach your kids about the importance of these tools and how to use them in case of emergencies.

9. Hiking with Friends:

Hiking with friends and their kids can make the experience even more enjoyable for your children. It provides companionship and adds an extra layer of adventure.

10. Choose Family-Friendly Trails:

Select trails that are well-suited for kids. Some suggestions include the Twin Falls trail in Iron Horse State Park, the Sol Duc Falls trail in Olympic National Park, and the Artist Point trail in Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

In Summary:

Late fall hiking in Washington can be a fantastic family activity. By following these tips and choosing family-friendly trails, you can create memorable outdoor adventures with your kids and share the beauty of the Evergreen State with the next generation.


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