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Late Fall Hiking Destinations in Washington: Scenic Trails to Explore

  • 2 min read

Washington's late fall offers outdoor enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore scenic trails that showcase the state's natural beauty in a different light. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best late fall hiking destinations in Washington.

1. Olympic National Park: Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh Rainforest, part of Olympic National Park, is a stunning late fall destination. While the rainforest is lush year-round, late fall adds a touch of enchantment with rain-drenched moss and vibrant fall foliage. Explore the Hall of Mosses and Hoh River Trail for a magical experience.

2. North Cascades National Park: Maple Pass Loop

Late fall in the North Cascades brings vibrant autumn colors to the Maple Pass Loop. This moderately challenging trail offers breathtaking views of Lake Ann and the surrounding peaks, creating a vivid contrast against the autumn hues.

3. Mount Rainier National Park: Naches Peak Loop

Naches Peak Loop in Mount Rainier National Park is a late fall gem. This family-friendly trail offers stunning views of the iconic Mount Rainier against a backdrop of vibrant fall foliage. The loop is less crowded in late fall, making it an ideal choice for a peaceful hike.

4. Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest: Heather-Maple Pass Loop

Late fall transforms the Heather-Maple Pass Loop into a colorful wonderland. With a panorama of North Cascades peaks, this hike is a photographer's dream. Experience the rich fall colors as you traverse this breathtaking loop.

5. Columbia River Gorge: Cape Horn Trail

The Cape Horn Trail in the Columbia River Gorge showcases the unique beauty of late fall. Gaze upon the Columbia River as it meanders through the Gorge, with fall foliage adding an extra layer of splendor to the landscape.

6. Spokane: Riverside State Park

Late fall in Riverside State Park in Spokane offers picturesque trails along the Spokane River. The vibrant foliage combined with the sound of flowing water makes for a serene late fall hiking experience.

7. Eastern Washington: Kamiak Butte

Kamiak Butte in eastern Washington is a late fall delight. The sweeping views from the summit provide a colorful tapestry of Palouse farmland and forested hills. Late fall hiking here is a peaceful escape.

8. Kitsap Peninsula: Green Mountain

Green Mountain on the Kitsap Peninsula offers scenic late fall hiking. The vibrant colors of the deciduous trees contrast beautifully with the evergreen forests, creating a picturesque setting for your late fall adventure.

In Summary:

Late fall hiking in Washington presents an opportunity to witness the state's natural beauty in a new light. From lush rainforests to mountainous landscapes, these hiking destinations offer a diverse range of experiences, all enhanced by the colors and atmosphere of late fall.


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