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Rainier Watch

Moon Mountain Eco Tee


Take your style to the next level with this 80s, retro-inspired Moon Mountain EcoTee. Made from unbelievably soft eco-friendly fabric, each shirt saves over 100 gallons of water and is carbon-neutral. Designed and printed in the Pacific Northwest, these eco-friendly shirts are manufactured in ethical factories, where the manufacturer is creating better jobs and communities along the way.


  • Fabrics: organic cotton, recycled polyester and modal
  • Reduces 4 kb of carbon emissions
  • Reuses an average of 6 recycled water bottles per shirt
  • Saves 145 gallons of water per shirt
  • Carbon neutral
  • Incredibly soft
  • Ethically made
  • Printed in the PNW
  • Designed in the PNW
  • 5% of your purchase is donated to organizations like Washington's National Park Fund that help protect our National Parks
  • Mid-light shirt: 4.2oz
  • Custom inside shirt label

What's Incrediwool™?

Incrediwool™ is a rich blend of merino wool and polypro. Buttery soft to the touch, yet durable to last thousands of miles, these socks are made for the outdoor person. And with the anti-bacterial, breathable and temp control, you can wear these socks year round in all climates, making them perfect for a minimalist's closet.